Standard equipment instrument for car seat inspection
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Standard equipment instrument for car seat inspection

Car seat testing standard equipment equipment is based on seat safety, reliability, strength and fatigue life and other aspects of testing and testing, consider the development and design of comprehensive technical specifications requirements are Zhengbang testing equipment to rigorous, scientific and professional research related enterprise standards and seat itself functional characteristics, detailed technical specifications and product introduction see Zhengbang technical bulletin.

 At the same time, the device is also a non-standard model, should be flexible use of users and functional characteristics of the scalability of the basis, the car seat testing standard equipment instrument should be configured for user needs human-machine interface control, computer computer control, remote App cloud interconnection control, at the same time, users can also customize the quantitative test data intuitive presentation test results, reduce and avoid manual judgment errors and uncertainties.

In the configuration of car seat testing standard equipment equipment, it is recommended that users combine their product characteristics to buy, and with Zhengbang's technical staff to fully communicate and reach an agreed technical agreement and non-disclosure agreement, mutual respect and protection of each other's company's related intellectual property rights, mutual benefit, more technical communication confirmation please feedback services - to obtain support!

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