Children safety seat-related testing and testing equipment
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Children safety seat-related testing and testing equipment

The children restraint system for automobiles is what we usually call the child safety seat, its most authoritative testing body is the ADAC in Germany, china's current test standard GB 27887-2011 "Motor Vehicle Child Occupant Restraint System", but also reference ADAC, ECE R44/04 and ECE R14 prepared.

The child-wearing restraint system with ISOFIX connection device is the safest because it is the most reliable connection, so is the relevant test point of ISOFIX in terms of testing standards. In GB 14167-2013 "Automotive seat belt installation fixed point, ISOFIX fixed point system and pull-up belt fixed point", there are strict requirements and testing methods for ISOFIX fixed points. Zhengbang Testing Equipment Co. , Ltd. has many years of test equipment manufacturing experience, has a series of ISOFIX test system to meet the requirements of relevant test standards, and can achieve the production line on-site products all testing, high testefficiency, to meet the requirements of online inspection.

Other test methods are mainly some chemical characteristics, flame retardant properties, physical strength, etc. are essential test projects, wherestatic testing is better to achieve, mainly in terms of mechanical properties, dynamic testing of the test equipment requirements are higher, to comply with ISO6487:2002 road vehicle crash test measurement technology equipment ( Roadvehicles-Measurementtechniquesinimpacttests-Instrumentation requirements for equipment.

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