ECE R129 impact energy absorption tester
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ECE R129 impact energy absorption tester

The ECE R129 impact energy absorption tester is designed in accordance with the relevant requirements of Appendix 13 of ECE R129 section 6.6.2. The device is suitable for measuring the impact energy absorption of materials such as seat foam. It is related to ECE R129 series child safety seat. One of the key testing machines in the inspection equipment.

The test machine consists of a replaceable impact head, height adjustment device, release mechanism, data measurement module, data acquisition module and computer software. It has the following functions:

1. Computer software can be used for measurement and control;

2. Can automatically select, edit, and modify a variety of test programs;

3. With automatic energy measurement and acquisition functions;

4. It can implement online display test data curve;

5. With a variety of report document format output, printing function;

6. Scalable with multi-channel data and measurement and control.

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