Multi function auto seat switch FS multi direction automatic inspection machine
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Multi function auto seat switch FS multi direction automatic inspection machine


Multi-function car seat switch FS multi-directional automatic inspection machine referred to as FS Test Machine, It is a set of whole automation solution and testing equipment for checking and measuring the force and displacement of the button when the switch of the automobile seat is up to the standard.


The value and significance of the FS Test Machine is to satisfy the automotive seat manufacturer and inspection unit to replace the OQC manual FS inspection with automatic mechanical measurement and control for the premise of the intensity and complexity of the work, extremely high improve the accuracy and efficiency of OQC FS inspection, reduce labor costs, for the purpose of creating more additional value for users.


In the aspect of measurement and control system, the instrument can display and save the charts of strength and travel by using computer software control, and the measured data can be automatically stored in the database, and the database can be read freely. The customer can decide the test plan according to the different sample demand, the test plan can be saved freely, the next time can read directly (can preset many kinds of test plan, Users scan pre-stored two-dimensional codes to automatically select the corresponding test scheme for automatic testing.


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