Multi-station ISO FIX endurance testing machine
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Multi-station ISO FIX endurance testing machine

The multi-station ISO FIX endurance tester is used to simulate the opening and closing and related functions of the ISO FIX under real use conditions to test its performance and service life. Not only applies to the technical specifications of ECE R129 Sections 6.7.5 and 7.2.8, but also to the special and intelligent ISO FIX non-standard test technical requirements.

The multi-station ISO FIX endurance test machine has two kinds of measurement and control systems, the man-machine interface and the PC version. It can implement flexible, precise and diversified intelligent measurement and control only for different styles and functions of ISO FIX, and users can choose economic models and Smart money.

In a series of children's and baby safety seat testing equipment, the multi-station ISO FIX endurance testing machine is one of the child safety seat testing equipments of Taiwan BANG Equipment Co., Ltd., please learn more about ECE R129 child safety seat. See BANG related technical proposal.

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