Conventional static stability testing project for electric wheelchair
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Conventional static stability testing project for electric wheelchair

There are a lot of routine inspection items in wheelchair, such as static stability, dynamic durability, double rollers fatigue durability, impact strength, etc., such as static stability refers to the use of wheelchair to climb or the next ramp or cross a Duan Podao, because the weight of the wheelchair itself will tilt or turn over. Resistance to tilting and rollover is what we call static stability.
After talking about the basic situation of static stability, how do we test it? First we need a dummy, and then we need a platform that can fix the wheel and adjust the angle. In the test, the electric wheelchair is placed in the direction of pushing up and down, and then the rate increases the slope of the platform. Within 10 degrees, the upper slope wheel must not leave the test platform; then the wheelchair car is left to the left, right and right. The slope should be placed at right angles, and within 15 degrees, the uphill wheel must not leave the test bench.
In addition to static stability, if the wheelchair is located at the slope and left the brake, the wheelchair itself slips or turns down the slope. That is unpredictable. In order to avoid this situation, we need to test the process to predict the occurrence of the process, the specific process is to be equipped with the test. The brake of the manual four wheel wheelchair is adjusted properly and the brake is tightened. In the 4 directions, the front, the rear, the left and the right are placed on the adjustable test platform with the adjustable slope. The small castor is in the towing position. The rate increases the slope of the platform. Within 8 degrees, no rolling, slipping and wheel leave the test table.

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