Recommendation of the VOC test box that meets the requirements of ASTM D5116-17
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Recommendation of the VOC test box that meets the requirements of ASTM D5116-17

This standard provides direction on the measurement of the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from indoor materials and products using small-scale environmental test chambers.
The use of small environmental test chambers to characterize the emissions of VOCs from indoor materials and products is still evolving. Modifications and variations in equipment, testing procedures, and data analysis are made as the work in the area progresses. For several indoor materials, more detailed ASTM standards for emissions testing have now been developed. 
Small chambers have obvious limitations. Normally, only samples of larger materials (for example, carpet) are tested. Small chambers are not applicable for testing complete assemblages (for example, furniture). Small chambers are also inappropriate for testing combustion devices (for example, kerosene heaters) or activities (for example, use of aerosol spray products). For some products, small chamber testing may provide only a portion of the emission profile of interest. For example, the rate of emissions from the application of high solvent materials (for example, paints and waxes) by means of brushing, spraying, rolling, etc. are generally higher than the rate during the drying process. Small chamber testing cannot be used to evaluate the application phase of the coating process. Large (or full-scale) chambers may be more appropriate for many of these applications.
This standard does not provide specific directions for determining emissions of formaldehyde from composite wood products, since chamber testing methods for such emissions are well developed and widely used. For more information refer to Test Methods E1333 and D6007. It is possible, however, that the guide can be used to support alternative testing methods.
This guide is not applicable to the determination of emissions of semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) from materials/products largely due to adsorption of these compounds on materials commonly used for construction of chambers suitable for VOC emissions testing. Alternate procedures are required for SVOCs. For example, it may be possible to screen materials for emissions of SVOCs using micro-scale chambers operated at temperatures above normal indoor conditions.

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