The main requirements of the ISO23529:2016(E) standard
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The main requirements of the ISO23529:2016(E) standard

The standard name is《Rubber -General procedures for preparing and conditioning test pieces for physical test methods》,this document specifies the general procedu measu res for the preparation, action, marki ng, storage, and long ing of rubber test pieces for use in physical tests speceman fdi in other international standards, and the preferred conditions to be used during the tests. special conditions apply to a particular test or on the dollar or simulating a particular clima tic environment, are not included, nor are special requirements for testing whole products.
Records shall be kept of the identity of each test piece so that it is identifiable with the sample supplied and such that all the relevant details of preparation, storage, conditioning and measu remen t are traceable to each individual test piece.The method of marking shall not affect the propert ies of the sample or test piece and shall avoid significant su rfaces, i.e. surfaces which are to be d irectly tested(e.g. in abrasion tests)which a fracture terminates in the test(e.g. tear or tensile tests).
When control of temperature and hutn idity is not necessary, the preva iling ambient temperature and hu mid i ty can be used . The latter conditions shall be used where standard laboratory condition s cannot easily be achieved.
For all tests, the minimum time between forming the material and testing shall be 16 h . When test pieces are cut from a produ ct or where a whole product, e.g. bridge bearings, is tested, considerably more titne than 16 h between forming the material and testing can be necessary. In these cases, the minimum time shall be as given in the product specification or releva nt test method.

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