EN1888-2012 wheeled wheeled trolley test project
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EN1888-2012 wheeled wheeled trolley test project

EN1888-2012 specifies the safety requirements and testing methods for wheeled child trolley, which is applicable to one or more children whose transport volume is 15kg, and can also be attached to 20kg wheeled children's trolley on the complete platform for children to stand. What is a wheeled child cart? The definition given by the standard is the design of a vehicle for carrying one or more children, which is made up of frames connected with a baby bag or a car seat or its combination. It can be operated and pulled by manual operation.
For wheeled stroller test project, there are many, such as vehicle applicability, backrest angle and length measurement, ball retention test, validity test of restraint system (such as safety belt fixing performance, tensile strength, strength, etc.) fastener regulating system effectiveness, safety belt fixed point strength, opening hole and entrap. Dangerous, dangerous moving parts test test, locking mechanism, accidental release of the irregular surface test and dynamic strength test, strength test, push operation device of automatic reset performance, torque test, tensile test, bite test, edge and protrusion test, validity test, mobile wheel wear simulation test, stability test, vehicle structural integrity test, durability test and so on.

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