With prams and strollers test AS/NZS2088-2013 project
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With prams and strollers test AS/NZS2088-2013 project

Prams and strollers has many kinds, such as strollers or vehicles with detachable seats、vehicles with toddler seat、vehicles with child restraint、vehicles with tod dler platform、vehicles with other accessories.
Its test projects have test for stability against overbalancing、occupa nt reten tion、determ inati on of efficiency of harnesses and attachments for harnesses、test for harness configuration、head barrier、head barri er probe test、foot end open ings、foot end open ings probe test、seating and recl in ing surface、test for security of wheels、reversible hand les、test for security of reversible hand le engagement、locking devices、security of locking devices、security of latching devices、connection of child rest raint.

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