Mattress combustion performance testing machine
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Mattress combustion performance testing machine

As we all know, is made of elastic material, fabric or elastic materials, bedding material and fabric, and other products can be used alone or mixed use software called bedding mattress, according to use can be divided into adults, adolescents, baby mattress mattress mattress, of course, also according to the use of performance for activities of sofa bed mattress corner, combination mattress, Daybed pad, folding bed mattress, bed and combined bed mattress, many classification methods, we no longer one of.
The fire performance of mattress should meet the following two points. First, within 30 minutes of ignition, the peak value of heat release is not greater than 200KW. Secondly, the total heat released is less than 15MJ within 10 minutes of ignition. The equipment we used in the test is a mattress combustion test machine, which is composed of heat measuring equipment, testing room, collection and exhaust system, smoke collection hood, exhaust pipe, fan, test base and ignition source. The test machine can carry out the combustion test of mattress quickly, accurately and effectively. This is recommended to you. A friend in need can consult with you. Our company also produces and sells all kinds of mattress durability testing machines. Welcome to order.

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