Operation process and advantage recommendation of desk and chair static pressure load testing machine
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Operation process and advantage recommendation of desk and chair static pressure load testing machine

And static load testing machine is the basis for one of the standard testing machine R & D production, operation is very simple, easy to learn, we need to test the height adjustable specimen should be transferred to the highest position, with the block surrounded by side by applying the horizontal force of the leg of the table, if the table is equipped with casters, application block block limit casters activities. The balance load is evenly distributed on the table, and the quality of the load should be able to prevent the table from tilting properly during the test, but the heaviest weight should not exceed 100kg. Then the provisions of the force exerted on the side of the table leg line on the perpendicular bisector. The damage degree of the table was examined before and after the test, and the defects were evaluated according to the standard requirements.
When we use the desk and chair static load testing machine to test, we should also distinguish different table and chair shape, when the surface is rectangular, with block surrounded legs 1 and leg 2, horizontal load direction is a, horizontal afterburner 10 times, each afterburner should be at least 10s. When the measured surface is irregular in shape when choosing the table with four legs for the position and direction of the horizontal forces applied on this leg of the table should choose the most detrimental to the strength of the table, in accordance with the testing process of rectangular table, loading test and measurement respectively.
The table and chair static pressure load testing machine adopts intelligent comprehensive control, and the load element forms closed loop control of force. The test force, test times and maximum test force can be set up by computer control, and the test force and test times can be displayed directly and in real time. Configure buffer cylinder to ensure constant air pressure, with alarm display, and automatically retain test results. If you need, you can contact us directly!

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