Explanation of operation steps of ASTM D3884 home product surface coating abrasion test
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Explanation of operation steps of ASTM D3884 home product surface coating abrasion test

ASTM D3884 StandardGuideforAbrasionResistanceofTextileFabrics (RotaryPlatform, Double-HeadMethod), Chinese name for the Standard Guide for abrasion resistance of textile fabrics (rotary platform, double head method), is one of the standard established for the surface abrasion resistance of textile, furniture, metal surface coating, sheet metal, leather, rubber and other products.
Our special ASTM D3884 standard developed a special wear resistance testing machine, used to detect the wear resistance of the above products. The specific steps are very simple. The first step is to correct the friction wheel of the wear test machine, and then set the corresponding grinding wheel and load according to the standard requirements, wear the test sample, record the revolution, and take the average value of the 5 samples being measured. Judgment and standard comparison of surface coating fracture, gloss / color loss, pilling and other changes in home products.
There are two kinds of correction for the grinding wheel of the wear test machine. The first is the friction wheel made of ceramic material. When the surface of the friction wheel is damaged or the damage needs to be pre grinded, the pre grinding method is to clean the surface scrub particles by using a vacuum cleaner after running 300 RPM in the normal test. Followed by elastic rubber friction wheel, for the new friction wheel need to use two pieces of sandpaper, each sandpaper to 50 rpm, for more than 1000 has been used for the friction wheel grinding 50 rpm, not more than 1000 rpm friction wheel pre grind 25 or 50 turn can.
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