Recommendation of test machine in accordance with 16CFR1633 mattress flame retardant test requirements
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Recommendation of test machine in accordance with 16CFR1633 mattress flame retardant test requirements

The mattress is one of the essential things in our lives, whether adults or children, baby, we rest for mattress and sofa etc. should meet the requirements of the standard, according to the provisions of the standard of 16CFR1633, there are a lot of need of flame retardant test items, such as adjustable mattresses, bed, baby bassinet mattresses, the mattress (not including bed rest, mattress group), including all foam filling, filling the mattress comprises a folding chair, air floating bed combination bed, folding and hide-a-beds, casual bed mattress, the bed mattress (only a detachable type, the utility model can be used for removing hidden bed mattress mattress, hand push the movable bed for detachable mattress, second-hand refurbished).
According to the standard 16CFR1633 flame retardant test safety requirements, we must test more than three samples, that is, mattresses (with or without bedstead). At any time within 30 minutes after the test, the maximum heat dissipation rate is not more than 200KW, the total heat dissipation in the first 10 minutes of the test is 25MJ, for safety, when the fire is extended to the equipment is unsafe, it needs to be extinguished, the operator can abort the test and record failure.
The fire control and time corresponding to the standard way is to use two T burner (propane gas fire, a fire in the mattress surface, another side of the mattress) let side to accept the burning 50 seconds, and the upper part of the mattress to continue burning after 70 seconds before the fire source is removed. After the test is completed, it must be guaranteed that each sample meets the requirements and is passed the test and then sold.
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