Test methods and recommendations for surface bonding strength of EN311:2002 wood-based panels
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Test methods and recommendations for surface bonding strength of EN311:2002 wood-based panels

EN311:2002 standard is the main provisions of the wood-based panels and veneer particleboard, fiberboard, wet and dry production of cement particleboard surface binding strength evaluation method, the need to pay attention to is hard fiberboard on the back of the standard is not applicable to the production by the wet process for grid.
Standards refer to parts of the EN326-1, such as sampling, preparation and inspection of wood-based panel specimens involved in the tests. Then what is the bonding strength of wood-based panels? The standard gives a clear explanation: between the veneer surface particles or fibers and the inner binding strength or between veneer decorative material and the substrate bonding strength of the bonding surface or quality work. The decorative panel mentioned here refers to a kind of surface covered with one or more layers of paper or film, such as impregnated paper, plastic, resin film, metal, decorative veneer and other decorative materials.
The main purpose of the bonding strength test of wood-based panels is to determine the tensile failure load on the defined surface area of veneer or veneer panels. Here we have a man-made board surface bonding strength testing machine to recommend to you, the testing machine with the special diameter of 35.6 + 0.1mm and of sufficient thickness to avoid bending deformation during the test steel clamp, and equipped with a frame device on the center, in addition to the loading capability for precision sensor load 1%, loading according to the need for speed regulating. The loading time should be uniform at the time of loading. The loading time should be destroyed within 60 + 30s and the failure load value should be recorded at the beginning of loading.
Of particular note is the use of artificial plate surface bonding strength testing machine for testing, when testing wood-based panels, in order to make steel reached sufficient strength in the necessary time to sample surface sanding or solvent cleaning between the clamping head and decorative materials. In addition, the type of adhesive used, the amount and the method of coating will affect the testing value of bonding strength of wood-based panel surface, which needs careful treatment.

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