Introduction of battery high and low temperature environmental test box
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Introduction of battery high and low temperature environmental test box

There are few papers devoted to the battery characteristic of high and low temperature in front of us, such as "low temperature resistant cell applications and test machine", "recommended low temperature resistant materials and equipment operating environment test based on cryopreservation", for the special environment of extreme cold and hot (such as the Arctic, red Road and other places), all kinds of electronic devices. Life is shorter than in temperate regions, and the local temperature of electronic equipment in some high humidity easy to damp the failure, the regional characteristics of these make us to do simulation research strictly.
Today to introduce the battery high and low temperature test box is specialized in all kinds of extreme environment and design, can simulate all kinds of temperature and humidity environment quickly and accurately, and can give accurate test data, the high and low temperature test box can achieve the temperature constant control and program control, the whole record at the same time can be achieved in the testing process and back, each motor is configured over current protection (overheating) / heater set short-circuit protection, ensure the high reliability of air and heating equipment during operation, USB interface, Ethernet communication function, the communications equipment and software extensions satisfy the needs of customers, the test box adopts the refrigeration control mode of international fashion. 0%~100% can automatically adjust the compressor power, reduce the heat balance energy consumption compared with the traditional 30% temperature control mode.
In addition, the structural design of the high and low temperature test box with high strength and high reliability to ensure the reliability of the equipment and materials for corrosion test box, thermal fatigue, strong function, long service life of SUS304 stainless steel, and polyurethane foam insulation material of high density that minimizes heat loss, large area of electric control the frost observation window, interior lighting in the use of the high and low temperature test box test can provide good observation effect, surface spray treatment can make the test box with durable anti-corrosion function and can ensure the beautiful appearance and prolong the service life, a variety of optional features (test hole, recorder, water purification system) also fully guaranteed the user needs a variety of functions and test.

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