Testing basis of low temperature preservation operation environment
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Testing basis of low temperature preservation operation environment for low temperature resistant materials and equipment

As we all know, in the low temperature water will condense into liquid from solid ice, plastics and rubber will be brittle and hard, lubricant viscosity increase liquidity and reduce the lubrication seal failure will be reduced, under the condition of low temperature, the failure modes of the specimens under low temperature conditions, the use of product parts, materials chap, may at a low temperature embrittlement, the movable part is clamped and characteristic change phenomenon. These circumstances have more or less impact on the whole, so we need to have a more detailed test.
For low temperature resistant materials and equipment, we do low temperature testing is designed to confirm these items in the low-temperature operation and preservation of adaptability and durability, and the scope of application of this project is more extensive, including biological products, marine shipping goods, medical supplies, chemical products, electronic components and so on. Before the test, we need to pay attention to the test before the test, the initial inspection, installation, testing, test samples of intermediate postprocessing and the heating speed, temperature and load conditions, the analyte cabinet temperature and volume ratio were standard cabinet. Low temperature tests are used to determine the suitability of the product for storage, transportation, and use under low temperature, climate, and environmental conditions. The severity of the test depends on the temperature at low temperature and the duration of exposure.
At present, low temperature resistant materials and equipment operation test cryopreservation mainly adopts low temperature environment test box test, the test box can meet the standard, temperature and humidity and low temperature environment simulation under the real situation, reducing the maximum. According to the standards are: IEC, 60068-2-1:2007, MIL-STD-810F and so on.
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