Application range of low temperature resistant cell and its test bench recommendation
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Application range of low temperature resistant cell and its test bench recommendation

In mountaineering, hiking enthusiasts, all kinds of configuration of the battery is essential, such as these lovers across the mountains, walking at night, they carry electronic equipment, flashlight and other battery will be in extremely cold conditions; winter in the northeast of China, the electric car afraid of "cold" in the cold and the battery performance will be greatly reduced, directly affect the battery life. Therefore, the R & D and testing of the low temperature batteries have not stopped. Recently, the world's first low temperature battery products came out. It can be quickly increased from minus 30 degrees to over 0 degrees, thus activating the normal application of power batteries. This low battery using the principle of metal wire electric heating, adding nickel foil on battery core. After heating, the nickel foil generates heat and increases the temperature inside the battery. After reaching a certain temperature, the foil will be automatically broken to ensure safety. 30 degrees below zero in the experimental environment, the application of the technology of battery in just 30 seconds, you can rapidly rise to zero, the discharge power increased more than 6 times, charging power is increased more than 10 times, and this operation does not change the original structure of the battery, the transformation cost is very low, suitable for phosphate batteries, lead-acid batteries other types of batteries, lithium battery.
We all know that the low temperature lithium battery can type low temperature lithium batteries, lithium batteries for storage type low temperature rate according to the discharge performance of the cryogenic storage type lithium batteries are widely used in military equipment, military paratroopers, tablet computer navigation systems, UAV start-up power, power supply, special reserve flight instrument satellite signal receiving device, marine monitoring data air data equipment, monitoring equipment, outdoor video identification equipment, petroleum exploration and testing equipment, railway monitoring equipment, monitoring equipment, outdoor power grid protection warm shoes, car backup power, and low rate of lithium battery is used for infrared laser equipment, the strong armed police equipment, police equipment acoustics.
Lithium iron phosphate battery in phosphate crystal is a kind of olivine structure, all oxygen atoms and phosphorus atoms by strong covalent bonds formed by the combination of PO43-, even in the full charge state, oxygen is also very difficult to emerge, with excellent stability and safety. Under high temperature stability can reach 400-500 C (in the case of abuse and release heat, at least) to ensure the safety of the high battery inside, not due to overcharge, short circuit, high temperature, impact and explosion or combustion. Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) has high thermal stability, low oxidation capacity of electrolyte and better overcharge resistance.
For the detection of low temperature battery, low temperature test box we recommend to you, the experiment box can determine the size according to the demand, whether desktop or walk-in, can meet the temperature rate, also can be set according to demand, particularly suitable for electronic products and components testing. Welcome to inquire custom!

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