Standard and basis of formaldehyde and VOC test box
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Standard and basis of formaldehyde and VOC test box

We live in the atmosphere of the environment there are many small substances, such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc., these volatile gases cause great harm to the body, so the content of volatile gases in the detection is not to be underestimated. At present, the more prevalent tests are formaldehyde emission test, and some other volatile gas tests. Our company has introduced a lot of other VOC weather boxes, and you are welcome to buy it!
The formaldehyde and VOC test box to meet the standard requirements, mainly based on the standard ASTM E1333-14 "with a large room in the air of wood products formaldehyde concentration and release speed test method", LY/T1612-2004 "formaldehyde emission detection using 1m device, GB18580-2017 fand climate box" "man-made board and its products," GB18584-2001 "formaldehyde emissions interior decoration materials, wood furniture limit of harmful substances", GB18587-2001 "interior decoration materials, carpets, carpet cushions and adhesives, release of harmful substances limited" GB/T 17657-2013 "of wood-based panels physicochemical performance test methods" ASTM D6007-02, "a small scale Chamber Determination of wood products in released gas formaldehyde concentration standard" ENV717-1 "test method, formaldehyde emission measurement of environmental law", "construction of EN13419-1 box VOCs product release The measurement of the first part release test environment box method ", HJ 571-2010" technical requirements for environmental labeling products imitation board and its products, "HJ 566-2010" technical requirements for environmental labeling products "HJ/T 400-2007", the wooden toy car in the volatile organic compounds and aldehydes and ketones sampling method "and so on, the need for specific standard friends you can call for.
Our company's formaldehyde and VOC test box can be customized according to customer demand, appearance and system, and also can be tested according to the size and shape of the sample to customize a different sample rack. The control system of formaldehyde and VOC test box produced by our company has the advantages of simple and easy operation, can English switch, can be observed in real-time temperature and humidity curve interface, wide range of application, such as plywood, composite wood flooring, carpet, paint, wallpaper, curtains and so on, it can also be used for the detection of volatile materials in harmful gases. The computer can check the temperature and humidity of historical records and print the results, the instrument can be directly read the true temperature and humidity data, high heat efficiency, small temperature gradient, stable temperature control, high precision, stable performance of the sensor, the climate box, water tank has high and low temperature dew point alarm protection measures and high water level alarm compressor has protective measures; overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage protection measures, the safe and reliable operation.

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