ASTM D2859 standard sample production reference
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ASTM D2859 standard sample production reference

ASTM D2859 "standard test methods for fire characteristics of refined textile floor coverings" has been released in the latest version of 2016, which has not yet been implemented and is still being used in the 2011 edition.
In the standard for carpet combustion test specimen production, the required specifications are 100cm, x, 100cm, x, 2pcs, or, 2pcs, finished, products. The sample is divided into Tablet test tablets, reference standards are ISO, 6925, BS 6307, DOS FF 1 US CPSC CFR 16 Part 1630, DOS FF 1 US CPSC CFR 16 Part 1631, BS 4790, GB / 11049, CAN / CGSB -4.2 No 27.6, and for the hot metal pill samples according to BS / 5287 BS 4790 preparation of test specimens.
According to the current test standard, we provide the carpet combustion test machine which meets the requirements, welcome to buy!

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