ASTM D7031-11 wood plastic composites physical and mechanical properties test items
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ASTM D7031-11 wood plastic composites physical and mechanical properties test items

For the test of mechanical properties of composite materials of the project, there are many, such as pull pressure, shear stress, bending strength, impact resistance, aging, and so on, today we are going to see what are the wood plastic composite material physical and mechanical test project, and reference standard which will be!
The first is the apparent elastic modulus, flexural strength, flexural modulus, on the basis of this standard is mainly ASTM D6109, complete section samples of actual production is our submission of the products is generally solid or hollow sections, sample length is 20 times the thickness of the profile of the proposal, to prepare for the 10 pcs, this standard is used by four point bending on the head, span 1/3 span as samples.
Secondly, L parallel direction of wood plastic composites compressive strength and tensile strength of L direction according to the standard of ASTM D4761 in the implementation of the requirements; the vertical direction of the L compressive strength, shear strength, L direction parallel to the vertical direction of the L shear strength according to the standard specified in the D143 implementation of ASTM.
Again, the lateral WPC nail anti sliding force according to ASTM D 1037Section 13, the sample size required for the 75 200mm * * about the actual thickness in standard samples for the normal state of drying; nails or screws pull-out force on the basis of ASTM D 1037Section 14 and ASTM D 1037 Section 16, a minimum of 75 x 150mm test sample * the actual thickness of the test sample surface minimum 75 * 100mm * actual thickness (the actual thickness is less than 25mm, can be used to glue a layer of multilayer to achieve minimum thickness of 25mm), for the normal state of sample drying; the nail head pulling force according to the standard ASTM D 1037 Section 15, the minimum sample size of 75 * 150mm * the actual thickness.
In addition, there are creep recovery and creep failure (ASTM, D7031) (ASTM D1037) nail holding power, drop hammer (ASTM D4495), the flame propagation velocity (ASTM E84) (ASTM D1929), ignition point (ASTM, D792), the proportion of water content (ASTM D4442) (ASTM D2394), the coefficient of friction and wear the performance and wear test (ASTM D4060), the coefficient of thermal expansion (ASTM D696), water absorption rate (ASTM D1037) and freeze-thaw test (ASTM D7031), anti fungal corrosion test (ASTM D2017, D1413), anti termite corrosion test (ASTM D3345 or AWPA), the test fungi (AWPA), anti termite plus UV aging (2000 hours) (ASTM G154), flexural properties change after aging (ASTM D6109), impact test (ASTM D 4495).
The wear test specimen is 100mm * 100mm or 100mm diameter, shape, thickness less than 10mm, shall be designated the grinding wheel type, load and speed; the water absorption rate of 150 samples of * 150mm * the actual thickness of 5 pcs, the actual available samples were tested; freeze-thaw resistance, ultraviolet resistance test of the actual production of the whole section of the sample generally, the submission of the products of solid or hollow sections, sample length is 20 times the thickness of the profile of the proposal, when the whole section of sample is too large, allow for a small sample cut from the sample surface; for solid samples, small sample thickness not less than 6mm; the hollow section and small sample thickness for wall thickness.
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