EN817 bathroom faucet physical and chemical performance testing machine recommended
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EN817 bathroom faucet physical and chemical performance testing machine recommended

In the EN817 standard, the bathroom faucet test is specified in detail, such as testing principles, testing machines, test methods, procedures and so on. It mainly involves the corrosion resistance test, the water leakage performance, the compressive strength, the water pressure performance, the torque resistance characteristic, the mechanical durability and so on.
We mainly look at compressive properties of bathroom faucet, the mechanical properties is also under pressure, described in the standard test methods for mechanical properties test under high pressure, and the provisions of the standard test, the test principle is in the cold water pressure deformation check for any possible leading. The test should be done upstream and downstream of the spool. The main instrument used is a hydrostatic test circuit that provides and maintains the required pressure and remains during testing.  
In the use of standard compressive strength testing machine, need to pay attention to the following points: bathroom faucet - mechanical characteristics of upstream spool in the closed position, we will test requirements of mixing valve connected to the test loop and close the valve; applied in leading water inlet (2.5 + 0.05) MPa (25 + 0.5) bar hydrostatic pressure Paul, pressure (60 + 5) s; d) check in the spool upstream of the permanent deformation of parts are. Also note that any parts of the faucet cannot be permanently deformed during the test period.
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