Wheelchair drop tester
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Wheelchair drop tester

The wheelchair is the auxiliary medical equipment in rehabilitation medicine, is a good tool for walking is not convenient for amputation and the feet of the people, because of the use of the inconvenience, requirements of wheelchair accessibility and safety should be as high as possible, which currently has a considerable part of the standard is to wheelchair strict implementation of vehicle manufacturers, such as ISO7176.
We recommend dropping, injury cases falling test machine based on a determination of the wheelchair use process for everyone, we call the wheelchair drop test machine, a high degree of freedom set in the range of 50mm the drop test machine, drop times can be set according to need, can automatically complete the test in the set up parameters, of course, can also be customized according to customer needs.
In the detection of the wheelchair, and dynamic static load test, load test bench, wheelchair brake fatigue testing machine, double roller wheelchair fatigue testing machine, impact testing machine, test dummies available, welcome to contact them!

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