Principle of safety helmet test
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Principle of safety helmet test

The helmet is a kind of security of construction personnel, to prevent falling objects caused by impact damage to the human head, we recommend a safety helmet impact testing machine can simulate the actual object, the operation is simple and easy to learn, welcome to order!
When it comes to the safety helmet testing principle, we use force sensor analysis control value, and through the PLC control, the operation instructions to the machine, through the data acquisition and analysis to gain the maximum impact strength and quality of the safety helmet, safety helmet to evaluate.
In the test, will involve the weak signal from the sensor transmission after amplification in the charge amplifier is transmitted to the analysis card, equipped with 5000Hz dynamic force sensor, sampling frequency of every 1 second acquisition of 20 thousand numerical data acquisition and analysis processing board by the SCM program acquisition of signal charge amplifier is transmitted through the RS232 port transmission equipment. To the computer, and the software of signal transmission card sorting, display curve, and the maximum value, can save the word document and print the related data.

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