The test project ANSI Z124.1.2 acrylic bathtub introduction
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The test project ANSI Z124.1.2 acrylic bathtub introduction

For bath this product, the material has many kinds, we said today is just one kind of bathtub, the bathtub is composed of a surface layer (acrylic layer) and layer (glass fiber reinforced layer and composite resin), surface layer combination, no delamination, no empty light tap sound, smooth surface such as porcelain, smooth as a mirror, light, flat undulating lines, polishing lines, face no warping, cambered surface of standard cylinder, uniform thickness, light weight, strong elasticity, touch the cylinder inside the paste layer should be smooth, off powder, zashou, skirt and cylinder with occlusion tight, consistent gap, so by the majority of consumers.
For the test project on acrylic bathtub, with a detailed description of the standard ANSI Z124.1.2, such as its outline, apparent process, drainage part connection, impact, load test, impact load, wall wall, chamfer load, anti fouling test, fade test, abrasion and cleaning ability, chemical resistance test, test the combustion test, additional material testing, if you have any need, welcome to inquire.

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