ISO7170 storage furniture durability testing machine recommended
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ISO7170 storage furniture durability testing machine recommended

The first is the fixed part and the movable part of the furniture store in the test, such as fixed shelf retention, deformation, support strength, the bottom and the top of the load strength, such as hanging rod separation strength testing machine, testing machine, the structure stability of shelf retention test machine, support strength tester; for example moving axis doors, sliding doors, requirements for measuring the vertical load, strength, strength, flexibility, level off durability test, of course, the door hinge device and flank strength, here we recommend the vertical load test machine, door shaft bearing strength door cabinet durability test machine etc..
Secondly, is the locking structure storage in furniture, we usually do lock durability testing, such as lock durability testing machine, we recommend to buy oh!
Finally, some small parts or installed in buildings or other structures on the unit, mainly to do testing, Naihe separation test, stability test and the structure of the top and bottom of the supporting test, these tests must be done, the test machine is used for durability testing machine, can be a key set of automatic testing!

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