ISO16545 cyclic loading strength
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ISO16545 cyclic loading strength

The definition of thickness, compressive stress, deformation, relative deformation, load cycle and so on are defined in the standard. What is the load cycle? The circulation of the compression force applied to the specimen increases gradually from the beginning to the set value and then decreases to the set value. It should be noted that the vertical deformation of the specimen is determined by the repeated cyclic loading.
Our company sales in line with the standard requirements of the compression testing machine, the applied force and displacement range, and consists of two rigid, polished, square or circular parallel plate, at least one of the length or diameter and the length of the test sample (or diagonal) are equal, in the test, a fixed plate. Another piece of the spherical joint is fixed at the center position. The difference between the actual deviation and the theoretical deviation is not more than five percent at the end of each pole in a continuous cycle.

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