ISO29766 parallel tensile strength
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ISO29766 parallel tensile strength

ISO29766 provides for testing products and parallel machines and steps of tensile strength, only suitable for insulation products and can be used to determine whether the product has sufficient strength to withstand the stress of transportation and application process, standard reference cited ISO5725, ISO29466, ISO29768 and other standards.
What is called parallel tensile strength? The English name is Tensile strength to faces, refers to the test process recorded parallel to the maximum tensile load divided by the cross-sectional area of the sample. So how to get this and surface parallel tensile strength? We need to use tensile testing machine and fixture is connected on the testing machine, and installed specimens, tensile tests were carried out by constant speed until the sample pull bad, and record the maximum tensile load in the process, and then calculate and parallel to the surface of tensile strength.

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