Level of office chair load strength test basis
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Level of office chair load strength test basis

In the level of office chair load strength test results of evaluation before, let's look at the steps of the test, to declare here is the same with the vertical load, standard loading mode and carrier is not the same, please refer to the standard content. The sample preparation work is the first office chair is fixed on the test on the stage, the difference is Chinese standard is here in the center line, where the position and from before and after 150MM: A point and B point, alternating loading experiment of 750N in the seat of the two loading point, 17-25 /mm loading 10 times (inspection standard) or 40000 times (laboratory standard); European standard is in the distance of the front handrail 100MM place, while applying a force of 10N to the vertical angle adjusting device for 10+/-1, the length of the device requirements: 600 +/-10MM (without load), the laboratory requires each loading arm force of 400N value. Line 60000 times, when the inspection is as long as the load 400N 10 times the value of the United States standard is the level of 445N on the level of the application of the force and continued for 1 minutes.
The level of office chair to determine load strength test results, Chinese pointed out that after testing the standard office chair cannot produce mechanism functional loss, breakage and loosening; European standards if office chairs without any breakage or damage or loss of function is qualified; American Standard will not have the structure of office chair armrest the damage mechanism and loss of function as the key is qualified or not.

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