Static load test on the arm of a dedicated office chair
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Static load test on the arm of a dedicated office chair

The static load test machine test in the use of special office chair armrest, European standards require the use of a weight of 900N, while using the stopwatch, the use of fixed device or blocking device will chair fixing device is fixed, here no special provision oh. American standard is the use of 1334N (300lbs) heavy weights or sandbags at the same time allocation of tape, timer, fixing device or blocking device.
The test method is very simple, such as the United States is the first standard office chair is fixed, and the handrails and chair is arranged on the fixing device test platform, and in the handrails on the vertical force of 1334N is applied for 1 minutes; the European standard is fixed on the work done, on the arm of the chair vertical loading block with a long 150MM or at least the same width and an applied force, while in the two arm time is 10S + 2S, with 900N heavy force imposed on each arm, for a total of 5 times.
The results of static load test in the office chair special judge, European standard said after testing the chair can not produce dumping phenomenon, while the United States is more detailed standards, requirements after the test specimen has not chair structure damage mechanism and loss of function is qualified.

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