The difference between the standard of the office chair arm in the vertical direction
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The difference between the standard of the office chair arm in the vertical direction

At present in the office chair test, according to the regional sales, exports, according to different national standards also vary, currently is one of the most popular national standard, European standard and American Standard three standards, testing standards are consistent, but the detection test method and criterion is not the same here in a vertical project the direction of office chair armrest loading standard as the example for everyone.
In Chinese standard, we call the office chair armrest armrest downward vertical direction load project for static load testing, the European standard has become the handrail vertical static load function test, American Standard is the arm of the chair vertical function test.
In the test loading tool, using the corresponding load body GB fixing device of 1000N and 800N, and equipped with tape, timer, blocking device; the European standard is relatively simple, the weight of 750N can also be called the loading block, and configuration stopwatch, fixing device or blocking device is American Standard; 890N (200lbs) / weight requirements of sandbags, equipped with tape, fixing device or blocking device. We can sum up for loading and loading of different objects.
In addition, the number of office chair armrest position, vertical loading, residence time will be different, here we are not in contrast. Now we simply said standard GB chair cannot produce mechanism functional loss, damage loose for the qualified, the European standard is focused on the chair cannot dumping phenomenon it is pointed out that American Standard armrest specimens cannot have loss of function and structure damage mechanism, determination of GB and American Standard closer to some, the way of loading, the national standard and European standard relatively close.

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