Special rubber products mechanical and environmental testing series
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Special rubber products mechanical and environmental testing series

Rubber, plastic and other materials, the application is extremely wide, its mechanical and anti yellowing properties such as aging, accelerated life strength is always the focus of our concern. Our company has launched special rubber products seized the entire series of test equipment, such as mechanical properties including ordinary pull and pressure testing, but also includes the aspects of fatigue test; environmental testing, we provide high low temperature test box to test the change after different temperature and humidity, while also providing the rain, dust, aging test box, testing various applications, the real simulation in the actual situation that the scientific research institutions, enterprises and institutions necessary test machine research.
As we all know, the different shape and size of the rubber material in different temperature environment will have tensile, compression, bending and relaxation, so we provide high temperature tensile testing machine at room temperature, compression fatigue testing machine, bending test, stress relaxation test machine for your choice!
In every day we have to rely on transport, cars, bicycles, electric vehicles, all need to use materials such as rubber, tire, in case of high temperature and high pressure, it has long life? These are the need to think about.

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