In accordance with the D2632 ASTM standard rebound test machine recommended
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In accordance with the D2632 ASTM standard rebound test machine recommended

With the development of globalization and rhythm, industrial raw materials circulation, the standard is also very good circulation up. For some raw materials used widely, especially the import and export products, in line with the export standards is very necessary. The rubber elasticity testing machine such as today we have to say, the test the machine conforms to the ASTM standard of D2632.Rubber elasticity testing machine is in free fall way to test the elastic rubber material. 
In the test, we need to ensure that the instrument at the level, if not will affect the test results, so we will advance the rebound test machine is adjusted to the horizontal position, and then drop to a certain height and place the specimen, then to ensure the placement distance test piece edge 14mm, three times before the test is not used, record fourth times, fifth times and six times the rebound height of the average value.
ASTM D2632 Test Rubber Property-Resilience by Vertical, if you have the relevant requirements, welcome to contact us!

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