Office chair test items for you
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Office chair test items for you

As the domestic office furniture testing instrument leading producers, bond and accumulated a large amount of production, development and maintenance experience, in the study of related standards also careful to the extreme, welcome to visit! But in view of many new office furniture manufacturers are not very familiar with and understand the office furniture test project and process. In this paper, the right when a popular post, here we will simply list some office chairs test common test items, such as more detailed requirements and needs, welcome harassment!
There are many kinds of office furniture is to distinguish method, today we only introduce the test project office chair. More general office chair backrest test items, such as static strength test (including the function of load, load), cairica compression test, dynamic impact test (also including the function of load, load), rotation test, tilt mechanism fatigue test, impact test, fatigue test back seat front, stability test, forward stability test, handrail vertical static strength test (truck, truck, rail level standard) static strength test, a fatigue test, fatigue test and fatigue test of casters, handrails and so on.
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