The latest model of mechanical shock performance testing series of mechanical equipment
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The latest model of mechanical shock performance testing series of mechanical equipment 

Are used in our everyday furniture, you at the time of purchase will pay attention to what? They did not take into account the durability of all kinds of furniture and furniture? As a tool to facilitate our lives, its performance and our experience are closely related. According to the company, supporting test launched a more powerful meet the market demand of the impact of furniture mechanical test equipment, welcome to buy! The machine covers the tables and chairs, sofas, mattresses, cabinets, doors and windows and other types of furniture, many characteristics such as functional machine, sofa testing instruments, mattress durability testing machine, impact testing machine and cabinet, drop strength tester, and durability test bench and so on.
For the detection of a desk stool type, there are also a large number of equipment to match this, such as chair and stool seat impact test machine, this machine is specially used for impact testing mechanical properties of soft chair seat, special controller configuration leading, touch screen computer and printer; such as seat back loading, durability test machine, which is mainly used for testing mechanical properties of the seat back; in order to detect back and arm is back and arm impact test machine, arm rest, the machine can complete the test of the back shock perfect, arm impact test, handrails and pillow by lateral static test, load test and durability performance of the handrail superior, is recommended.
Of course, in addition to the above several instruments, and chair legs static load, chair stability testing machine (for stool and chair stool chair leg static load stability test), open and close violently test machine chair sliding member (push pull member slam or fierce test cabinet, the chair) cabinet table bed screen static load, stability, impact testing machine (impact test, static load and stability of furniture and other mechanical properties), table bed table durability test machine and so on.

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