Door and window building materials test series equipment list
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Door and window building materials test series equipment list

The doors and windows with various standard detector, intelligent test of mechanical properties of doors and windows, doors and windows open and close and repeated mechanical testing machine, testing machine hardware building doors and windows, insulation performance detection device of building doors and windows, windows of airborne sound insulation performance detection device, door hinge, pulley life testing machine, floor spring, door closer life test machine, door lock switch simulation test machine, anti lock anti shear pull universal comprehensive test machine, glass thickness, water faucet intelligent analysis test machine, constant temperature faucet detection device, integrated test sensor, valve performance testing machine, water tank fittings comprehensive testing machine, thermal fatigue testing machine, flushing valve life testing machine, water faucet life testing machine, toilet seat and cover test machine, shower hose and comprehensive performance testing machine, hose and pulse aging test machine, salt fog corrosion test box, electronic toilet to comprehensive test machine. Leak detection equipment integrated test equipment, detection range covers the windows and doors, hardware, plumbing sanitary ware, locks and other products, the coverage is very wide, accurate test results, by all enterprises and scientific research units like!

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