Spring soft mattress purchase points
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Spring soft mattress purchase points

The spring mattress is a spring and soft lining materials for inner core material, the surface cover is made of soft fabric or other materials such as bedding, and is closely related to people's life safety and health of the furniture products. The detection of soft spring mattress is also relatively hot, such as bed mattress pad impact test, durability edge test, durability test, compressive strength test and so on, a good mattress after thousands of tests still qualified products.
If we buy a soft spring mattress on harmful substances such as formaldehyde release or indentation in the use of a few times, I believe will not happy, the soft spring mattress to withstand the years, because the mattress is daily consumer durable goods, products with a longer period, the use of high frequency, and the quality of the mattress is directly related to the user health.
In order to help you choose the right mattress, I suggest you check quality inspection report at the time of purchase, check the label at the same time, and the use of the certificate, and check the fabric workmanship, our experience tells us, see the spring mattress quality from the internal materials, we can only hand pressure spring mattress surface, if the spring ring, the spring there are quality problems; secondly, the preferred configuration of zipper products, you can see the mattress inside, to see whether the spring mattress material from internal rust, flocculent fiber spacer is whether the use of old sacks or moldy clothing scraps opening, whether the pad with a plastic rope positioning material; finally, see the mattress elasticity and hardness, good the mattress can make the spine for average, comprehensive support.
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