Influence factor analysis of formaldehyde content and flame retardant performance test of mattress
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Influence factor analysis of formaldehyde content and flame retardant performance test of mattress

As we all know, now people's health is easily affected, many people are in sub-health state, and formaldehyde is a major killer of the people on formaldehyde discoloration is often, especially our new home decoration, wooden furniture, will release a certain content of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases how to reduce the formaldehyde, maximize the protection of personal safety, many organizations have launched a special inspection service.
Have to say today because of the mattress, cushion in contained mostly brown felt, and brown felt in the production process to use the adhesive will release free formaldehyde. And when people sleep if the concentration of formaldehyde exceed the standard, it will cause harm to the human respiratory tract, in the course of time will appear a series of symptoms in the EU. The REACH act, there are clear provisions and requirements of formaldehyde release in consumer goods; China's industry standard QB 1952.2- 2004 stipulates that mattress formaldehyde emissions less than 0.050mg/ M2 h. everyone in the purchase of mattress must be dealers or manufacturers issued by the relevant proof and test results. The formaldehyde bond box special climate in the determination of formaldehyde in passing the mattress, recommend to everyone.
Flame retardant performance test on the mattress, mattress is better understood in the residential fire, bedding and bedding, as a system at work. Usually the first to be ignited bedding, which then lead to the mattress and bedding in combustion can reach 800KW combustion heat release rate, is the substance of the matter to the mattress fire accidents, the existence of this kind of goods will have a great impact on the nature of the fire. So all the countries on the flame retardancy of mattress and bedding sets standards and strict regulations. China is no exception.
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