Comparison of different standards for durability test of mattress
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Comparison of different standards for durability test of mattress

With the increase of population, the production of consumables is like a raging fire, Dafangguangcai. As our mattress every day to use the product, its comfort will directly affect our sleep and physical and mental health, and I have been as a major exporter of furniture, production is very strict. The performance test for mattress there are 1998 standard EN1725- ASTM, F 1085- 2008, QB1952.2- 2004, on the durability of the mattress, we will make a comparison of the three standard.
In three standard, European standard EN 1725- 1998 on the mattress durability test is mainly composed of a mattress durability test, mattress edge durability test and vertical static load test is composed of three parts. The American Standard ASTM on the mattress durability test F 1085-2008 ASTM F 1566-2008 "is in accordance with the built-in spring mattress, the surface deformation of seventh part of the standard test method for spring mattress and mattress and a bed body evaluation > mattress samples of durability testing and sample testing. Ninth part mattress mattress durability testing process is the use of heavy roller. China's industry standard QB 1952.2-2004 for mattress durability test is divided into two stages of the test. The principle is to use the 2 loading module, a certain height mattress placed above the horizontal loading position, with a certain frequency alternating free fall, repeated loading on the mattress, to test bed pad For the long-term repeatability of the load bearing capacity. After each stage of the test on the pad surface height BN, the amount of compression CN and Hdn have specific numerical requirements.
Of course, the EU standards, their mattress durability test is the use of surface diameter 200mm, convex curvature radius 300mm, front radius of a rigid circular loading plate 12mm. Exert downward vertical force of 1 000N, each load (3 + 1) to maintain s, total load 10000 times without failure, namely through test; in the edge of the mattress durability test, using hard surface, vertical force of 5000 rigid circle column loading plate edge smooth edges in the longitudinal center line at 200mm above the mattress down 1 000N applied without failure, namely through the test; in the vertical static load test, the surface diameter is 200mm, the convex radius of curvature for 300mm, front radius of a rigid circular loading plate 12mm at any possible failure position exert downward force of 1 400N, each time for s, (10 + 1) each position of loading 10 times without failure, namely through the test. The standard is on the mattress Pre loaded 4.4N, record the thickness of the mattress, as a reference point; then the mattress was loaded with 25 000,50 000,75 000 and 100000. Each record after loading the hardness and mattress deformation. The calculated values of hardness is the deformation force divided by loading the mattress. The mattress in the loading after 100000 times of mattress the hardness level is 330N + 10%, less than 20% of the thickness of permanent deformation, and no damage to the mattress is qualified.
The three standards have advantages and disadvantages, but relatively speaking, China and the United States standards more stringent, but for which standard, or to see the export to any country, according to local standard is the best. Bang Instrument co.,ltd R & D and production of various mattress durability testing machine, can also according to the demand for customized, welcome to inquire or visit our factory!

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