Prosthetic ankle foot dynamic and static testing machine is recommended
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Prosthetic ankle foot dynamic and static testing machine is recommended

At present, more and more large areas of rehabilitation medicine, various assistive devices are increasingly popular, the corresponding detection also gradually follow, today we recommend for a dynamic and static testing machine and prosthetic ankle foot device, the test machine is adopted to simulate the motion state and silent process, test devices and from observation ankle foot prosthesis and no damage and change, if interested can call the advisory!
At present, for this kind of product is the main criteria for ISO10328, the standard provisions of the lower limb and foot ankle foot device component dynamic tests, test procedures for static test and static ultimate strength test. At the same time in dynamic and static test program, test loading device of ankle foot or foot component for each sample unified inspection applied, represented by the loading curve and the motion curve of standard format.
Zhengbang detection equipment currently for wheelchairs, prosthetic ankle foot, fitness equipment and other testing equipment industry related to innovation, research and development has produced a series of very popular machines, such as wheelchair series testing machine, now active in the study of the medical device company and related medical institute!

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