Introduced how to using the mattress roller compaction strength tester testing method
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Introduced how to using the mattress roller compaction strength tester testing method

Today to share with you how to use the mattress roller compacted strength testing machine to test the mattress.
First, we look at the test standards, such as ASTM and F1566 etc; secondly, the applicable standards and equipment of mattresses, usually spring mattress, palm mattress mattress; finally we have to look at the topic, testing methods, we need to fix the test bed, and then open the mattress roller crush strength testing machine, test parameters set by the touch screen (usually choose to test the mattress type, automatic / manual parameters), and then wait for the opportunity to test after the test! Roller rolling strength mattress according to the parameters you set the automatic operation, directly after the end of the test network print, very convenient, very save manpower Oh! But at the time of purchase in advance tell us your company sales site preparation and frame size, the convenience of our equipment import, reduce the occurrence of these communication is not timely delivery delays caused by the situation.
We will be in a specific set of problems in the future to you, if your factory or research units need such a mattress roller compaction test machine, welcome to get in touch with us!

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