The design principle of mattress durability testing machine
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The design principle of mattress durability testing machine

Usually, mattress manufacturer will buy such as mattress durability testing machine, impact test machine mattress mattress roller compaction test machine, and so on, the test principle is simulated mattress in use process will encounter a situation and certain strength test, that mattress quality is qualified or grade.
The mattress durability testing machine comprises a machine frame, transmission device and mobile platform, sliding guide rail device in a frame, the mobile platform is connected to the sliding guide rail through a transmission device, the cylinder is arranged on the mobile platform (the drum according to the different standard is different in shape and weight when you buy with our special business personnel according to the standard test instructions) wheel movement and control of the drum under the mattress. The use of durability test machine, the test will be the mattress on the rack, then shake the hand wheel roller toward the direction of movement when the mattress and mattress, roller contact and a certain pressure, crank slider to drive the mobile platform moving back and forth, and drives the roller on the mobile platform and mobile platform with rolling back and forth movement, uniform pressure on the mattress, simulated body roll back and forth, and In order to detect the quality of the mattress.
The follow-up we will continue to use simple language to describe these seemingly complex design problems, such as imperfect, welcome criticism.

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