Test range of wheelchair static stability testing machine
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Test range of wheelchair static stability testing machine

Along with the increase of traffic accidents every day of the increase in the number of new disabled, the disabled after certain medical rehabilitation training for some project to help them to the normal work and life, the wheelchair is rehabilitation equipment a, in patients using wheel chair vehicle will come forward, tilt, slip, if handled improperly can the patient produces secondary damage, so in wheelchair factory before need these simulation, according to simulation results to improve the situation, this simulation requires use wheelchair static stability test machine.
Wheelchair static stability testing machine is mainly used for static stability testing including electric and manual wheelchairs, including longitudinal forward, tilt and slide for manual wheelchair offset and other performance test. In the longitudinal stability test microcomputer automatic control test bench end up at the same time on the machine test sensor sensing the measured time the wheelchair wheel pressure sensor, through the angle sensor test is lifting angle, when the pressure sensor is close to "0" or "0" when the angle sensor is measured by the angle of inclination angle; when the test for manual wheelchair sliding offset, bevel automatic control electric lifting platform the microcomputer system, the counterweight wheelchair can be positioned in a horizontal position under the condition of test will be inclined to test the automatic lifting device automatically release the electric button through the angle. With the front wheel limit block, the wheelchair can be dropped according to the test requirements, so that the test is more safe and reliable.

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