Analysis of making method of mattress durability testing machine
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Analysis of making method of mattress durability testing machine

When we buy a mattress in the need to consider what factors? permeability of the mattress, decompression, support degree, docile, bed surface tension sleep temperature and sleep humidity are very important. At the same time, it can from the stability of the mattress, fixed, weight, friction characteristics between the cushion and the cushion, thickness, appearance, price, durability and maintains characteristics to choose.
Bang Instrument co.,ltd mattress durability test machine is suitable for spring mattress, palm mattress, latex mattress, water mattress, air mattress, magnetic mattress durability test, the test machine can very good test the mattress stability, fixed, comfort, so by the broad love.
The mattress durability testing machine comprises a machine frame, transmission device and mobile platforms, in the rack device sliding guide rail, the mobile platform through a driving device connected to the sliding guide rail, roller are installed on the mobile platform (the drum according to different standards in the shape and weight are different, when you buy special with our business staff that is based on the standard test) and control the roller under moving roller. Design is very simple, then it is to test how the? Please pay attention to our next update!

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