Castor chair test apparatus ASTM D6962-17 [HD]
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Castor chair test apparatus ASTM D6962-17 [HD]

The testing machine is based on ISO 4918, EN 985, EN 425 standard technical requirements and characteristics is given priority to development and design of the floor itself, not only has the function of high efficient multi-use and can also according to different product features and design process of wear-resisting trajectory of the free and non-free test and setting of arbitrary switching.
The test machine is mainly suitable for resilient flooring and laminate floor coverings, floor coverings,elastic layer textile wheel wear testing.
BA - 10 b floor trundle abrasion test machine as an example, its research and development design concept contains the following several aspects:
1. In different countries and the association of industry standard for technical basis (see below) :
BS EN 985-2001 Textile floor coverings - Castor chair test
EN425-2002  Resilient and laminate floor coverings - Castor chair test
ISO 4918-2009 Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings -- Castor chair test
2.In different areas and enterprise product characteristics, manufacturing process, material analysis, application technology and so on multidimensional analysis as a whole for practice:
3.To maximize the broad applicability and reasonable application in each country and enterprise product technology test and analysis is given priority to:
According to the above three aspects of floor trundle wear testing machine to design diversified development, the realization of the maximum and most intelligent multi-use of practicability and reliability of the technological.

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