New test method for durability test of mattress
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New test method for durability test of mattress

The endurance test is to judge a mattress mattress is one of the important test to long-term use, including various mattress wear resistance, compressive strength, hardness and so on, these tests can be simulated through the test of mattress durability test machine, choose two types of automatic and manual operation mode of the test machine, especially automatic the test, very easy to use, can greatly save the time machine, and enterprise artificial cost, is currently testing personnel using a mode of operation of the most.
In order to avoid some novice test operator friends in the use of errors or omissions, we specially arranged a simple step to share with you. As we all know, before testing, it is necessary to select the appropriate sample and install according to the standard, and then set the appropriate parameters according to the standard requirements, then open the test machine until the machine completes the test, print, edit and export the test results.
Before the test, we need to be placed directly on the test platform of sample testing machine, testing on the mattress Center (the standard is from head to foot), from the side of the bed to the other side completely through the simulation of the actual action, the majority of sleep, following a fixture in the roller path outside fixed the mattress, in accordance with the standard requirements of the starting position of the roller is the drum center line in the mattress width 1/2, drum plane on the mattress on the surface of 100000 consecutive cycles of the test specimen, remove the middle position, the height of the sample decreased, were evaluated according to the standard.
Full automatic mattress durability test machine produced by our company operation, a set parameters, a key to start, an error is encountered by Longmen automatic shutdown, mechanical structure, the use of high precision servo motor, low noise and high precision ball screw and high precision heavy rail line as the transmission parts of the machine to improve the mechanical strength and stiffness the degree of accuracy, increase the service life of the machine and test data, effectively reduce the running noise, completely concealed wiring, beautiful appearance, to prevent the risk of leakage during operation and any power supply system, improve safety performance and beautiful appearance, the drum is loaded by the linear sliding bearing free loading, because there are only linear bearing rolling friction (friction coefficient: 0.002), so as to ensure the accuracy of loading. The loading force is more in line with the standard requirements.
More advantages, welcome to the factory on-site computer operation verification, say more than yourself to operate once! We welcome your arrival, sincerely look forward to meeting with you, and sincerely look forward to serving you! As a handful of mattress testing instruments, professional production service providers, we have the confidence to do the best!

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