ASTM D2047-11 friction slip test method reference standards and significance
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ASTM D2047-11 friction slip test method reference standards and significance

ASTM D2047-2011 is a test method for measuring Polish coated with James Machine floor surface static friction coefficient of the standard, there are two kinds of dry and wet test conditions test method in the standard description, customers can choose to dry or wet friction coefficient of friction coefficient or both according to demand.
Test Method D2047 establishes a compliance criterion relating static coefficient of friction measurements of flooring surfaces with human locomotion safety. The compliance criterion is based on extensive experiential data from residential, commercial, industrial and institutional walkway surfaces since 1942.
Polishes and other floor maintenance coatings having a static coefficient of friction of not less than 0.5, as measured by this test method, have been recognized as providing nonhazardous walkways.
Reference standards:
ASTM C1028 Test Method for Determining the Static Coefficient of Friction of Ceramic Tile and Other Like Surfaces by the Horizontal Dynamometer Pull-Meter Method
ASTM D1436 Test Methods for Application of Emulsion Floor Polishes to Substrates for Testing Purposes
ASTM D1630 Test Method for Rubber Property--Abrasion Resistance (Footwear Abrader)
ASTM D2825 Terminology Relating to Polishes and Related Materials
ASTM D4103 Practice for Preparation of Substrate Surfaces for Coefficient of Friction Testing
ASTM D6205 Practice for Calibration of the James Static Coefficient of Friction Machine
ASTM E29 Practice for Using Significant Digits in Test Data to Determine Conformance with Specifications
ASTM E456 Terminology Relating to Quality and Statistics
This test method covers the James Machine for measuring the relationship between the static friction coefficient of coated floor surfaces and the safety of human movement. In addition, this test method also establishes a standard that conforms to the requirements of non-toxic polishing walkway surfaces. This test method is not intended to "wet" surface or on the surface, between the surface sculpture pattern texture, contour projection, or the gap does not allow sufficient contact between the foot and the test machine is to test the surface polishing agent with only a method of static friction coefficient of standard floor polishing. Before the test, check the James machine, calibrate the equipment and install the sample, test the four directions of each sample, and record the average coefficient of static friction.

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