Home decoration materials high and low temperature test box recommended
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Home decoration materials high and low temperature test box recommended

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, buying a house and buying a car have become necessary, while the house and the car need to be decorated. Therefore, the home improvement, car and interior industries are very popular. Take home, involves a wide range, such as metal furniture, paint, wallpaper, furniture, carpet, sofa cushion and other materials, these materials may contain formaldehyde and other harmful gases in the production or the material itself, need to go through the test standard formaldehyde climate box to enter the market, but it is only on the one hand, the qualified decoration materials must be pulled after pressure test, high temperature test, impact test, drop test etc..
Here we recommend a high low temperature test box, high and low temperature test of the test box is suitable for all kinds of decoration materials, automotive interior materials, electrical and electronic components, these products can reproduce the environment change simulation materials affected by the environment, and gives the actual data in our study as to the reference.
The high and low temperature environment test box has the function of PID automatic calculation, which can display fault messages, and is equipped with the functions of whole system, multiple safety protection and power failure memory. It is the material on high and low temperature test box freezer using France imported compressor, and the use of environmentally friendly refrigerant (R134a, R404a, R23), the design unit or the two element type low temperature loop system of refrigeration system. The use of multi blade fan powerful air circulation, avoid any corner in the test region, the temperature and humidity distribution, wind road cycle by means of wind wind design, wind pressure and wind speed are in line with the test standard, and can make the door instantaneous temperature and humidity stabilization time. The heating and cooling system is completely independent, which can improve efficiency, reduce test cost, increase life span and reduce failure rate.
In addition to these features, the high and low temperature test box of internal and external dimensions also can choose according to need, our company has a variety of models can meet the test requirements of a variety of products including materials, small electronic components, including large tables and chairs, sofas, beds and other furniture. If you need this, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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