VOC & Formaldehyde test chamber [HD]
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VOC & Formaldehyde test chamber [HD]

Formaldehyde climate box
Formaldehyde release amount of climate box for detection of a variety of interior decoration materials in the indoor environment, such as man-made board, paint, wallpaper, carpets, curtains and other building materials, but also can be used for detection of volatile and harmful gases.
VOC test chamber
VOC is "Vehicle interior air test and test for emission of volatile organic compounds of interior trims automotive" abbreviation, that is, interior air and vehicle upholstery materials organic volatile matter detection.

Standard basis:
ASTM D6007- 02 Standard Test Method for Determining Formaldehyde Concentration in Air from Wood Products Using a Small Scale Chamber
ASTM E1333 - 14 Standard Test Method for Determining Formaldehyde Concentrations in Air and Emission Rates from Wood Products Using a Large Chamber
NF EN 717-1-2005 Wood-based panels - Determination of formaldehyde release - Part 1 : formaldehyde emission by the chamber method.
EN ISO 16000-9-2006 Indoor air - Part 9: Determination of the emission of volatile organic compounds from building products and furnishing - Emission test chamber method Incorporating corrigendum December 2007
LY/T 1612-2004 The climate chamber for determination of formaldehyde emission
HJ 571-2010 Technical requirement for environmental labeling products Wood based panels and finishing products
HJ 566-2010 Technical requirement for environmental labeling products Wooden toys
HJ/T 400-2007 Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds and Carbonyl Compounds in Cabin of Vehicles
GB/T 17657-2013 Test methods of evaluating the properties of wood-based panels and surface decorated wood-based panels
GB 18580-2017 Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials—Limit of formaldehyde emission of wood-based panels and finishing products
GB 18584-2001 Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials--Limit of harmful substances of wood based furniture
GB 18587-2001 Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials-Limitations of harmful substances emitted from carpets,carpet cushions and adhesives

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