Durability and hardness tests on mattresses
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Durability and hardness tests on mattresses

What are the main technologies and features of this equipment?
Take BA-7141 for example,Developed by BANG Instrument Co., LTD design of this durability and hardness tests on mattresses,experimental equipment is a fully automatic rolling mattress durability and hardness test, the test machine adopts the servo control system, man-machine interface and touch controller can realize the rolling durability test of the mattress, and the mattress hard grade test, and with the degree of hardness automatic statistical calculation data report, automatic output function, while the device with alarm, alarm lamp and other auxiliary functions.
This series of mattress equipment is currently used by internationally renowned mattress manufacturers. Include SIMMONS (1870) 、Sealy (1881)、Japan Ku Lu Bi、tehtai、PT.Buana Inti Perdana.
Durability, and, hardness, tests, on, mattresses, mainly exported to countries:Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Europe, China
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